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On this page you may view the California/ Nevada Moose Association(CNMA)  Newsletter & some of the latest association information

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CNMA Newsletter

August 2016- September 2016


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From Cheryl Volden, Our Territory 46 Manager


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From Charlie Lopez, CNMA Regional Manager


California/Nevada Moose Association Regional Manager, May 4th 2011

While we wait out the final results from “The Time Is Now” Membership campaign, it gives us a moment to pause and reflect on what we can do to improve our individual operations. Our lodges did a fantastic job of transmitting around of 6500 applications. We must weigh this exciting feat with the sobering fact that we also lost around 6500 members. True, we lose some to death every year, but the vast majority of our losses come strictly from members who for one reason or another become disinterested in the Moose. The major question is WHY? Let’s ask ourselves some really tough questions?

<> Are our lodges the “Friendliest Places in Town?” Does everyone receive a “Hello, How Ya’ Doing” when they enter, or a Goodbye, Take Care,” when they leave our lodges? Do we go out of our way to talk to everyone we can or do we just congregate in small groups with our “buddies?”

<> Is our “House Committee Doing Its Job,” by MAINTAINING DECORUM? Are they allowing disturbances to occur in our Social Quarters?” Vile and Profane Language, Fights, Shouting Matches, Drunkenness. These should all be addressed by the House Committee, with a proper hearing scheduled under section 48.9 of the General Laws, and the offending parties dealt with in a decisive manner, so members understand that this type of behavior is not to be tolerated. If it is allowed to go unchecked, then we are inviting it to happen over and over again. Our members and our employees deserve not to be subjected to this type of behavior. Our officers were elected to also have a seat and a say on the “House Committee” and make certain that all of our members are made to feel safe and not be afraid to bring their children & family to “their lodge.” “The Friendliest Place In Town” should be “JOB ONE,” for all our officers and employees.

<> Does our lodge pay attention to those members who are ill or in the hospital? Do we make sure that the lodge pays their respects when one of our members is called to his maker? This is defined under the duties of the Junior Governor, but it is everybody’s responsibility to give care and show respect to our members when they need us the most.

<> Do we keep our lodges in top shape? Are the bathrooms clean, tidy and free from offensive odors? Do our members want to eat from a filthy kitchen or from servers that look unclean?

<> Do we provide enough activities for our members? We should have a “full calendar” of varied activities for our members. Darts, Wii Tournaments (ask your grandkids), Golf & Bowling Leagues, Ballgame Trips, Cookouts, etc? A Moose Lodge has to be something special to have a member want to belong, want to renew his dues year after year. He doesn't have to pay the corner bar $40 to $80 every year to belong to the corner bar.

<> Are we active in the Community by providing needed services for those who need us? Community Service is an important and integral part of our program, making our members proud to be associated with the Moose and at the same time creating an air of curiosity within the Community for the good we do.

<> Do our members know about Mooseheart and Moosehaven? How the largest portion of their dues every year, goes to provide needed help to our children and seniors. That they have a part in providing an education and a future for children that may have had no other option in life, Or a senior who may have found that when retirement time rolls around that they just don’t have the resources to see their golden years. Our member’s yearly dues contributions help to insure that they are not left out in the streets.

<> There are a Zillion reasons why we may lose a member. But, how will we know if we do not do a little probing. The first of every month, our Administrator should print out a “Delinquent List.” That is, those members who have not paid their dues and have fallen in an “Inactive Status. We must “Create a Committee” that will get enough members to sit down and contact 5 to 10 inactive members the beginning of every month and find out if there is something that could be done to move them back to an “Active Status.” 5 members making 10 calls the first week of every month will cover 50 inactive members. Maybe you can get our officers to act as the committee. Some of the responses they receive may give them a better idea of how they can improve our lodge.

This is going to be a primary topic for us and will go hand in hand with the now famous “UP YOURS” campaign. We cannot continue to decrease “Active Members” every year.




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California/Nevada WOTM

Membership Campaign

May 1, 2016 - February 28, 2017







California/Nevada Moose Association, Inc
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Atlantis Casino Resort
Reno, NV
March 23rd-26th, 2017

Reservations: 1-800-723-6500



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